Betfi > BSCBET rebrand

We are pleased to announce that we have finally resolved all the problems we faced. We have a final solution right now for the investors from Betfi.

The solution

Betfi has rebranded into BSCBET; The official link is BSCBET will be running on the Binance Chain, which is more suited for betting platforms since it’s faster and has cheaper fees. UniLayer will pay for the liquidity on Pancakeswap and will finance all of the development costs. UniLayer will also pay for the marketing and exchange listings.

What UniLayer will provide:

  • Liquidity on Pancakeswap
  • Smart contracts from ETH > BSC
  • Financing smart contract audits
  • Financing rebranding costs
  • Financing marketing costs
  • Financing development costs
  • Financing exchange listings
  • Financing gaming-curacao betting license

The above is a gradual process, so we have placed the liquidity for everyone to start trading on June 1. The rebrand will be a slow-release; the following months will see the website, smart contracts, audits and much more change.

Rebrand design

The overall design has a better look and feels like a real gaming platform. The whole design has a dark theme with gold and black as the main colors. We are delighted with this design since it feels more sophisticated and has a touch of a Binance inspiration.

On the first page, you will find all of the in-house games. After receiving our gaming license we will integrate the “plugin-games” that you find at any regular casino.

Poker game

Token release schedule and 1:1 token airdrop

Every token owner of the old BetFi token contract on Ethereum will get a 1:1 from the new BSCBet token on Binance Smart Chain




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